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Cheapest calling card from Jamaica to USA

Name cards Details - Info cards
Rates ¢/min
· Connection Fee - No
· Maintenance Fee NO
· Rounding - 3 minute
· Service Fees & Surcharges - 15%
13.7 ¢/min

Please note:. Calling from Jamaica to USA only use "Continental card".

How it works:

Method #1

Send an SMS and both parties receive incoming calls!

  1. Register your cell phone number.
  2. Send an SMS message thats says "call" followed by the phone number you wish to call, entered as: Country Code-Area Code-Phone Number.

"Call 18575551234" for US
"Call 492011234567" for Germany
Send your SMS message to: +447786204951 (+ is required)
Our system will recognize and connect you! It's easy.


Method #2

Or, you can use web-callback. Just type all fields and call.


Do you need to call from Jamaica to USA? You can do it not only from Jamaica, but also from any country of the world. If you are going to have long conversations, you'd better buy calling card for 20-30 hours. However, if you have to make only several calls, you should obviously purchase a card for one or two hours, which will cost you only 5-10$.

You can call from any city of Jamaica, including Kingston, Portmore, Mashed, Port Antonio, Clarks Town, Montego Buy and Negril. Notice, that small and remoted villages are also available - just buy calling card from Jamaica to USA.

It's all possible to call either from mobile phone, or from office. It's not even problem to call from computer to phone. As you can see, there are so many advantages in using calling cards. Just buy and enjoy.

Now it's so much easier to call from Jamaica, compared to the time about fifty years ago. However, many people still call through usual operators and lose their money, because there is a cheaper and faster way. If you buy best calling cards to Jamaica, you'll get definite minutes for your conversations. So you don't need to be permanently worried about the billing for your call.

So, Jamaica calling cards are very cheap and convenient. It's also adapted for your personal needs, so you can choose card according to your requests. Buy a card and enjoy your conversation with your friends and relatives.

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